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Registry Cleaner Optimizer 7.71

Finds and repairs all the errors in your registry to keep your PC clean and safe
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Registry Cleaner is a powerful software application capable of detecting and repairing different kinds of errors in your Windows registry - among other actions - to optimize your PC and to keep it running fast and clean. Those errors are commonly responsible for severe problems, such as system slowness, inconsistencies, and crashes.

Actually, this program provides a complete set of tools, which analyze different areas of your system's registry looking for all existing errors - either minor or critical - and create useful reports that show you what those errors are exactly, so that you can proceed to repair all of them or only a subset.

The "Scan Your PC" feature allows you to analyze some key areas of your registry, like ActiveX/COM entries, Application Info, Hardware/Driver entries, Shared DLL entries, and many more, and presents you a very complete report about all the errors found, which you can fix just by clicking on the "Repair" button. There is also the "Startup Manager" section, which shows you all the programs that are launched automatically together with your Windows start-up and where they are located in your system's registry. You can add new entries, modify any existing one, remove any of them, open the standard Windows Registry Editor (along with the selected entry), launch the program or command that the selected entry points at, and refresh the list.

You also count with an "Install Manager" section, which displays a list of all the programs installed on your system. You can uninstall any of them directly or just delete the program's information, so that it will no longer appear as part of your system. The "Registry Backup" section of the program, on the other hand, permits you select a previously existing backup file and restore your registry to that point in time. Curiously enough, the program does not appear to allow you to create your own registry backup files - instead, it will perform these backups automatically.

On the "Configuration" section you can set some parameters related to the general operation of the program, such as the folders where the deleted registry entries will be backed up and the log files saved, or the possibility to set the program to create system restore points automatically or to delete the backup file after restoring the registry. Finally, the last section the program offers is a "Web Browsing Optimization" tool, with which you can select what areas related to your Internet surfing need clearing, including the temporary Internet files, your browser history, and the auto-complete data. Moreover, you can select what Internet browsers you want to optimize (at least Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are supported).

As you can see, the functionality and the set of tools that this program offers are really comprehensive and certainly outstanding. Its price - should you decide to buy and register it - is also totally reasonable.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Deeply scans your Windows registry and detects all errors, ranging from minor to critical
  • Helps you to manage your startup programs
  • Allows you to uninstall unnecessary programs quickly
  • Lets you restore your registry to a previous state
  • Allows you to optimize your web browsers
  • Reasonable price


  • Does not let you create your own registry backups - it backs up your registry automatically, not allowing any intervention on your side
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